Our personal appearance is important to our self esteem.  Whether it is a business associate, a friend or an acquaintance, we want to make a good impression on the people that we connect with on a daily basis and especially those that we are meeting for the first time.  A man might buy a new suit or a woman get a more attractive hairstyle in an attempt to improve their appearance, but what is the first thing others will notice about us?  Most people would say it is our smile!

Whiter teeth are easier to come by today, but way before modern tooth whitening methods were introduced people were trying to brighten their teeth.  Nitric acid worked to make teeth shine but destroyed the tooth enamel in the process.  Believe it or not people were willing to risk losing their teeth just for the temporary benefit of this corrosive material.

Fortunately we don’t have to choose between having healthy teeth or having white teeth, we can have both now thanks to the innovation of whitening toothpastes and bleaching gels.  Over the counter products are one way to go, but a professional cleaning is safer and much more efficient.  The bleaching compound that a dentist uses is stronger so the procedure can be done in one office visit.  The process is particularly successful in removing stains caused by certain foods, drinks and tobacco products.

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