There are so many toothpastes on the market today that you’re bound to find one that you like and one that is made to meet your specific needs. Dentists have found that among their patients who suffer from extreme sensitivity some do get relief from the toothpastes claiming to reduce their symptoms.

Every toothpaste advertises some sort of ingredient that will whiten your teeth or make your gums healthier for example, but the most important additive to look for is fluoride. Fluoride is known to be a deterrent to tooth decay and in some cases has been successful in remineralizing a tooth that is in the earliest stage of decay. Most public drinking water sources now contain fluoride which has contributed greatly in the fight against cavities. Brushing regularly with a fluoride toothpaste provides added protection.

There is some concern about how much toothpaste we should be putting on our toothbrushes. Family dentists recommend “pea sized” portions for young children who are just starting to learn to brush but actually that’s about the right amount for older kids and adults as well. Toothpaste contains some abrasive materials that can over time have an adverse effect on gum tissue. Use just enough to get the fresh feeling that comes from brushing with a pleasant tasting toothpaste.

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