Fluoride is a proven deterrent to tooth decay and is an active ingredient in most toothpastes found on the market today. Some dental patients for one reason or another, may require a higher than normal amount of fluoride. These patients can benefit by using one of the many types of prescription strength toothpastes that are available.

Tooth sensitivity may be caused by weakened tooth enamel. The enamel can be eroded over time by the acids in the foods and drinks that we consume. Your dentist can advise you as to the kinds of things to avoid in an effort to preserve your tooth enamel.

When a patient is diagnosed with a moderately advanced stage of gum disease treatment will involve a procedure known as “scaling and root planing” which is basically a deeply intense teeth cleaning procedure. Patients who suffer from gum disease are eager to hear about recommendations that can relieve their symptoms. Dentists often suggest a prescription toothpaste in these cases.

It is a fact that prescription toothpastes are more expensive than over the counter products. Dental professionals will point out that in the long term patients who have particular needs will actually save money by preventing the necessity for even more costly procedures. The high success rate of prescription toothpastes in the treatment of dental diseases is an additional incentive.

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