If you’re concerned about the color of your teeth, if you’ve lost the self confidence that comes with knowing that the people you meet are impressed with your healthy smile, or if you’ve gotten to the point that you avoid saying “cheese” for the camera at all costs it may be time for a change.

There are certain foods, drinks and lifestyle habits that are infamous for causing tooth stains. Red wine, coffee and tea, or dark fruit drinks are among the more serious offenders. For those of you who think white wine is the safer choice, that refreshing tang that you enjoy comes from the acid content of the wine which tends to weaken your tooth enamel. Sorry!

That cup of tea or coffee that gets you started in the morning is a great picker upper and is loaded with the vitamin B that improves the body’s metabolism and energizes the immune system. As far as your teeth are concerned however, coffee and tea are high on the list of stain producers. Limited consumption may be advised.

What about the good stuff? Yogurt is a great source of the calcium and protein necessary to strengthen bones and teeth. The calcium in the yogurt mixes with the plaque that clings to your teeth and works to counteract the decay causing acids.

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