There is all sort of rationale for not making that dental appointment but thinking that the pain will just go away or downright ignoring it will only make things worse.  If you’ve had regular dental care over time your issue  may well be something minor that can be easily treated.  There are certain symptoms however, that should always be checked out.

Gum disease is a primary cause of untimely tooth loss.  The first signs of gingivitis appear as red or swollen gums.  If the condition is recognized at this early stage it can be treated before it has the chance to advance to periodontitis, a much more serious stage of gum disease.

Look for changes.  If you see any white patches or red spots in your mouth that weren’t there before don’t ignore them and don’t self diagnose.  Let your dentist have a look.  Be sure to let him know of any new medications that you may be taking as the change that you noticed may be a side effect.

Regular home care including daily brushing and flossing along with professional exams and cleanings should keep your oral health in check.  If something out of the ordinary should appear see your dentist asap.  Early treatment is always the best treatment.

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