Dental bonding is a procedure that is performed in order to adhere a resin composite material to a tooth that has been damaged or corrupted in some way.  The material is a durable plastic that is made to replicate the color of a patient’s natural tooth.  

Bonding is used for various purposes that can include restoring a tooth that has been broken from some sort of injury or one that has been exposed due to periodontal disease.  The bonding process can also be used as a cosmetic measure to close the space between two front teeth or alter the shape of a tooth to make it conform to the surrounding ones.

The actual process can be done in-office in one appointment that will take an hour or less to complete.  It will begin by the dentist preparing the tooth to accept the resin material that will then be attached, shaped to fit the tooth, and sealed on with a laser beam.  Finally the restored tooth will be polished to a natural finish.

Bonding is sometimes a popular method for restoration because it is also a relatively inexpensive one, but there are other advantages.  There is no need for anesthetic in most cases and any necessary loss of enamel is minimal.  Bonding is especially suited for the treatment of the front teeth.

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