Holiday treats abound at this time of year and of course we want to try as many as we can. But be careful when you bite down on that candy cane or that chocolate covered macadamia nut. A chipped tooth can ruin the day - or not. It doesn’t necessarily constitute an emergency situation. If it’s not painful you can probably wait until regular office hours resume to make a dental appointment.

Bonding is one of the more popular methods used to repair a chipped tooth. The substance used in the procedure has been technologically produced to resemble the color of a patient’s natural tooth. The material can be bonded directly to the tooth with no need for modification. It is also less expensive than attaching a crown or a porcelain veneer, and the process is comparatively simple.

After selecting the shade that best matches the color of your own teeth your dentist will condition the surface of the chipped tooth to accept the bonding material. Once the resin has been molded to the shape of the tooth it will then be smoothed out and hardened into place with an ultraviolet light beam. In most cases the entire process can be completed in under an hour.

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