We know to expect that our children will experience their share of cavities as they grow up, but we may not realize that as we get older ourselves we also can become more susceptible to tooth decay. As we age we may face changes in our physical being that warrant taking a medication to control. Many drugs are known to bring on the disorder described as “dry mouth,” which means that our natural flow of saliva is diminished. Saliva is how the bacteria from leftover food particles is flushed out of our mouth so that when the supply is no longer sufficient to do the job tooth decay may be the result.

There are steps that we can take to reduce the side effects of medications that we have to rely on. If your doctor can’t recommend an alternative prescription start to eat more foods that tend to stimulate the salivary glands. Be sure to stay well hydrated, keep a bottle of water on hand at home and when you travel and consider using a humidifier to moisturize the air that you breathe in. Cut down on your consumption of anything that may add to the ramifications of dry mouth e.g., alcohol or citrus fruits.

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