When we think of dental emergencies we tend to relate them to childhood activities.   Having a tooth knocked loose during a friendly game of neighborhood baseball comes to mind.  It is true that energetic children may put themselves at risk but adults can also be victims of dental injuries.

Time is of the essence in emergency situations.  If you do sustain an injury to your mouth contact your dentist asap.  Dentists plan their daily schedule with regard to the possibility of having to deal with an emergency situation.  Emergencies take precedence.

There are precautions that you can take to reduce the risk of tooth loss or permanent damage.  If your tooth is completely knocked out try to hold in place by the crown until you can get to your dentist.  If that isn’t possible hold the tooth between your cheek and gum.  The point is to not let the tooth dry out.

Biting your tongue can cause immediate and real pain.  If the pain persists or if there is a lot of bleeding see your dentist right away. If the bite is severe enough it could rupture an artery.

A toothache may not seem so simple,  The discomfort may go on through the night before you can call your dentist.  You may gain some relief by rinsing with warm water.  A left over food particle could be the source of your pain - try flossing to remove it.

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