A family dentist is one who can take care of a multitude of dental issues that can affect the various members of a family.  From the time your baby begins teething through to his adolescence he will need a dentist who will provide regular checkups to monitor the development of his primary and permanent teeth.  The sooner a problem is diagnosed the better the outcome for treatment will be.

Parents are right in thinking that too much sugar can promote tooth decay but they may be surprised to know that the way that the sugar is introduced is also pertinent.  If for instance, your teenager sips on a soda all through the day his teeth will be exposed to the sugar content for hours on end.  If on the other hand, he drinks the soda all at once his saliva will have plenty of time to wash it away.  

Teenagers actually are at higher risk for some damages just because of their age.  They are naturally tempted to try new things and stay in the stream of popular fads and fashions.  Unfortunately many of the fads that young people follow are unhealthy.  Oral piercings are a prime example.  The mouth is full of natural bacteria that is ripe for infection from invasive piercings.  Piercing can also result in swelling of the tongue which could block the breathing passage.

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