It is essential that a tooth that has been affected by decay be restored asap. The longer the decay is left to advance the higher the risk of losing the tooth becomes. In some cases, when the enamel has not been penetrated, early detection can even allow for reversal of damages through cleanings and treatments with a fluoride compound and restorative minerals.

Once it has reached into the under layers of a tooth the decay must be removed and the cavity filled with some form of restorative material. This is the only way to prevent further deterioration and fully revitalize the tooth.

There are more options available to dentists today than ever before. If the decay is not too extensive and especially if it is a front tooth, a composite resin filling that can be matched to the color of the natural teeth would be preferred. A porcelain filling is also tooth colored and is bonded directly onto the tooth. It is a more expensive procedure however, and will involve more than one visit to the dentist’s office.

Every case is different and each patient will consult with his or her dentist to determine which treatment is the right one for them. Considerations should include the extent of the decomposition, the position of the tooth and of course any financial concerns that may be an issue.

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