First of all, root canals are a part of the construction of your inner tooth. Root canal therapy, which is often confusingly referred to as having a root canal, is actually a treatment that is used to save the tooth when the canals become infected.

How will you know that you might need root canal therapy? If your tooth has been damaged to that extent you will be feeling some level of pain. The severity can range from mild to intense and may present as sensitivity to hot and cold, or may occur when you bite down. Any type of recurring tooth pain should prompt a visit to your dentist for further examination.

If your dentist has confirmed the need for root canal therapy he will discuss the procedure with you before the appointment is scheduled. If you want a detailed description he can take you through it step by step but a basic knowledge of what to expect may be enough for you. However, you may want to talk about any anesthetics he is planning to use and if you should expect to plan on allowing time for recovery. Your dentist will ask for a list of any medications that you are taking and inform you about certain restrictions that may pertain to your diet preceding the procedure.

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