If you chip a front tooth you will probably be more apt to rush to the phone and get an appointment with your dentist asap. Damage to a front tooth can affect the impression that your smile presents to others and in turn the confidence that you have in yourself. If you break a molar however, you may not be in such a hurry to see your dentist, especially if there is no pain associated with the incident. This could be a big mistake! Not feeling the pain right after having chipped or cracked a tooth doesn’t mean that you never will. Delayed reaction or pain that comes and goes is quite common with these sorts of injuries.

If we sense that something is wrong with one of our teeth it is our nature to explore with our tongue. A chipped or broken tooth can leave a sharp edge that can cut or cause inflammation to the tongue. Now you have two issues to deal with.

If left untreated a chipped tooth will become a target for infection. The enamel that is the outer protection for the tooth has been compromised and is no longer able to serve as a barrier against harmful bacteria. The longer this is the case, the higher the risk for decay.

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