Heredity can dictate the color of your eyes as well as the shape of your mouth or the configuration of your teeth. If your mother had a problem with overcrowded teeth for instance, she may have passed that physical trait on to you. But, trying to blame your parents for all your dental woes just won’t fly. The main reason for poor oral health, save for trauma, is the lack of a proper regimen of home and professional care.

If you’ve never been part of a dental home you may not realize what a difference it can make. Having a dental home means that you are forming a relationship with a particular dentist, his assistants, the hygienist and the office staff. The advantage is that the dentist can keep a history of your dental health, record any procedures that you may undergo and compare x-rays to look for any significant changes that may occur over time.

Setting up dental visits can be challenging but as the scheduling staff at your dental home gets to know more about you they can work around your personal and business agenda to make sure appointment dates coincide with your itinerary.

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