No one actually looks forward to having their teeth cleaned but people do look forward to leaving the dentist’s office with a healthy fresh feeling in their mouth.  A dental hygienist who is dedicated to giving her patients that sensation will earn their dedication.  Cleaning your teeth however is not the only responsibility that a hygienist takes on.  

A hygienist who works for a family dental practice will see patients of all ages.  Younger children will need her help in learning how to brush properly and especially how to use  dental floss to clean in between their teeth where stubborn food particles may linger, even after brushing.

There are certain dental issues that are more specific to teenagers.  Adolescents don’t usually worry too much about nutrition or what kinds of foods might be better for their teeth.  A dental hygienist has the perfect opportunity to point out the consequences of sugary sodas and acidic juices that can eat away at tooth enamel and lead to unsightly deterioration.  

Parents often seek advice from their dental hygienist about  tooth whitening methods for themselves as well as for their children.  There are so many over the counter products available that it may be hard to choose the best one.  A dental hygienist makes it a point to keep up on all of them so that she can offer an informed and valuable opinion.

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