Older patients are not immune to getting cavities.  Any of our natural teeth are vulnerable to the bacteria that produces the plaque that leads to tooth decay.  Even teeth that have been treated previously can be susceptible to plaque buildup under a filling that has chipped away. Fluoride is an important tool in the prevention of tooth decay and it is just as beneficial to adults as it is to children.  One of the best sources of fluoride is your own community drinking water.

Gum disease is not something that you should expect to happen to you just because of the fact that you are aging. Again, plaque buildup is the culprit.  Regular brushing and flossing can prevent the onset of gingivitis which is the first stage of periodontitis.  If you have avoided gum disease up to this point you’ve obviously been doing the right thing.  Keep it up and you should be golden.

Dry mouth isn’t necessarily a rite of passage either, but it can be caused by ill-fitting dentures or certain medications. Let your dentist know if you notice any symptoms, chances are that the problem can be resolved merely by adjusting or changing a prescription.

These are only a few of the reasons that it is important for seniors to see a dentist regularly.  The doctors of the Harman family Dental Center cater to all members of the family.  Call us today @ 720-809-7789