Gum disease can bring with it a multitude of dental problems.  One of the first signs that can signify the onset of periodontal disease can also be one of its repercussions.  Gum tissue begins to recede from the teeth leaving spaces, or “pockets” that can fill with bacteria that attacks the bone structure and can lead to tooth loss.  Receding gums that are the result of periodontitis can make the teeth look longer than they normally would, affecting the conformity that contributes to having an attractive smile.

Receding gums can be restored.  As a matter of fact there are a few cosmetic procedures that dentists have at their disposal that could work to produce amazing results.  “Pinhole” surgery is a technique that uses a collagen based substance to reconstruct the gumline.  Recovery time is relatively short and most patients are happy with the end result.

Grafting is often advised in cases of severe gum recession.  When the gums recede the roots of the teeth are exposed.  Your dentist can take a piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth and place it over the point of exposure.  Donor tissue can also be used for grafting.

Laser gum surgery reduces the likelihood of any excessive bleeding making it especially beneficial for more susceptible patients but most everyone is a good candidate for laser surgery.  The sterilizing capability of the laser provides for a lower risk of infection and the surgery requires a lot less recovery time.

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