Remember the last time you had your teeth cleaned? Hopefully it was just a few months or week ago. Your hygienist no doubt gave you that little bag of goodies to take along with you. Among the various things in there you found a tube of fluoride toothpaste, some dental floss and a new toothbrush. These are the tools that will help you take good care of your teeth to prevent cavities and gum disease. In turn, you will need to take care of those tools.

Your mouth is full of microorganisms which will obviously come in contact with your toothbrush and some may become trapped there. That’s why you should always rinse your brush with plain tap water after each use and never expose it to someone else’s germs - not everything should be shared.

If there are germs left on your toothbrush even after you have rinsed it off they will thrive in a closed space, especially if the brush is still wet. The American Dental Association recommends that you keep your toothbrush in an open air environment rather than a closed container and buy a take along brush each time you travel.

Don’t wait for your next six month checkup, professionals advise that you switch out your toothbrush every three or four months so that the bristles are always strong. Talk to your hygienist at the Harman Family Dental Center about others ways to keep your toothbrush in tiptop condition. Call 720-809-7789 today.