There are several circumstances that might require you to undergo some sort of oral surgery in your lifetime.  An impacted wisdom tooth for instance, is one that for some reason or another can’t quite fully erupt through the gums.  Some people never get that third set of molars known as wisdom teeth.  Others who do get them may have no problems at all with the eruption process of the wisdom teeth, but it is more than likely that an issue will arise.

As the tooth tries to push through the gum tissue it may cause pain in the area and even lead to an infection known as pericoronitis that can spread to the surrounding teeth, throat or neck.  An impacted tooth should be extracted before any side effects can put the patient at risk.

Implants have become the most sought after means of tooth replacement that dentists have to offer.  An implant is actually inserted into the jawbone as a support for the artificial crown that will take the place of the natural tooth.  As so it is considered to be a surgical procedure that can be performed in the dental office.

In order to be sure that you are prepared for your procedure your dentist will meet with you for a consultation.  He will explain just what to expect including recovery time and any follow up treatment that may be required.  

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