Tooth loss is not a natural part of the aging process, it is a result of the advanced stages of gum disease otherwise known as periodontitis.  There are plenty of  things that you can do to prevent the progression of gum disease which in the earliest stage can easily be retarded.  

Gingivitis is an infection brought on by an accumulation of plaque on the teeth and is characterized by red and swollen gums.  Although plaque buildup due to lack of proper dental care and attention is the most common cause of gingivitis, there are some health issues that can be influential.

The body goes through hormonal changes during certain lifetime events. When a woman is pregnant for instance, her hormones increase to the point that she becomes more susceptible to an infection of the gum tissue.

The pattern of your lifestyle can be a contributing factor as well.  Tobacco weakens the immune system making users more vulnerable to gingivitis while a diet poor in calcium and vitamin D lacks the nutrients that contribute to the strength of the teeth and gums.

We can’t ignore genetics. Just as with many disorders some people are predisposed to gum disease simply because it runs in their family.  Research has shown that those who do have a family history of the disease are at significantly higher risk.

Your best protection against the serious consequences of gum disease is to get ahead of it by having regular dental checkups at the Harman Family Dental Center in Parker.  Call the office today @ 720-809-7789..