If you’re just not happy with your smile but you don’t know exactly what changes you want to make, you’re not alone. Many patients come to a cosmetic dentist in the same frame of mind.  In fact, you may be better off waiting for a professional recommendation.  Your dentist is experienced in the field and can explain the practicality of the various procedures open to you.  

Be prepared to answer some basic questions at the initial consultation with your cosmetic dentist so that he can get a good idea of what your expectations are.  Together with your input and factoring in the results of his thorough preliminary examination your dentist will be able to recommend a procedure that will achieve the results that you are looking for.

Then it will be your turn to ask the questions.  Once you and your dentist have decided on a procedure, you’ll want to make sure that he has had plenty of experience performing it.  You should ask to see a portfolio of before and after pictures from previous patients.

Personal recommendations are always a good reference to go by.  Your dentist should be forthcoming with patient reviews of his work and you can usually find them posted on his business website.  

Is your dentist keeping up with the latest innovations in cosmetic dentistry by continuing to take part in educational seminars and attending conventions?  Don’t hesitate to ask.

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