It’s really just a luck of the draw type thing when it comes to the color of your teeth.  Not everyone will wind up with picture perfect pearly whites, but there are some things we can do to keep our teeth looking their best and avoid unsightly surface stains that come from external sources.  

The biggest risk comes from the foods and drinks that we expose our teeth to.  The usual suspects include things like wine, berries, coffee or tea.  You may think that the darker the color of a beverage the higher the risk for stain but that is not necessarily the case.  It is the acid content in the drink that discolors the teeth.  So white wine is as harmful as red, light soda as dark and all types of tea should be avoided if you want to lower your risk for damage.

You don’t have to cut yourself off completely.  Continue to enjoy your favorites, in moderation of course.  There are a few helpful tips that dentists like to share with their patients:  1.  Using a straw to drink your soda or juice will keep the acidity from coming in such direct contact with your teeth.  2.  If you’re going to enjoy a cup of coffee or pot of tea rinse with water afterward.  3.  Milk and cheese are natural acid neutralizers so savor a piece of cheddar with your evening glass of wine.

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