Anyone can become dehydrated from time to time especially in high altitude locales like Colorado.  We all know to drink plenty of water to avoid the symptoms of dehydration which can range from extreme thirst to something more serious.  Chronic dry mouth, also known as xerostomia,  is a somewhat different predicament.  You may enjoy some temporary relief by drinking a glass of water but the dry, stale feelings will continue to return.

Anything that significantly decreases the natural flow of saliva can cause dry mouth.  Certain anti-depressant medicines and some antihistamines often contribute to the condition.  Tooth decay can also affect the amount of saliva that the salivary glands are able to produce as can nerve damage brought on by injury.

A high blood sugar count is frequently associated with a diagnosis of diabetes which can result in chronic dry mouth as well.  Autoimmune diseases affect the body’s natural ability to resist contamination.  Dry mouth can be an early sign of a disease such as Crohn’s.

The treatment for your dry mouth will depend on its cause but there are some general recommendations for the temporary relief of the basic symptoms.  Over the counter sugarless gum for instance, can help  stimulate the flow of saliva and certain mouthwashes are also known to diminish symptoms.

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