When you think of a dental emergency you probably imagine having a tooth knocked out from an automobile accident or a fall, or maybe profuse bleeding from a cut to your gum tissue or tongue. These are all genuine emergencies but there are some situations that also apply although they may not seem as drastic.

A piece of food can become lodged between your teeth and cause severe pain. You can try using a string of dental floss to loosen it but DO NOT try to dislodge it with a knife or other sharp or pointed object. If left to fester, a seemingly harmless food particle can lead to infection. See your dentist ASAP.

An emergency by definition is unexpected and sudden. It often happens in the middle of the night or when you are traveling out of your comfort zone. If you are away from home when a dental emergency arises go online to find the American Dental Association website for an approved listing of dentists in the area.

Dentists recommend keeping an emergency care kit on hand. Make sure it is equipped with a temporary pain reliever and a tooth preservation product along with the usual cotton balls and floss.

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